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Dougs Qualifications

Douglas McElvogue (Ph. D., MIFA, FSA Scot)


Personal Profile
An experienced, innovative and creative archaeologist and museum professional with a strong academic profile who has successfully directed over 30 archaeological/heritage projects.

Academic Qualifications:
P.G.C.                          Teaching in Higher Education University of Wales, Bangor.         2003
Ph.D.                            Nautical Archaeology, University of Wales, Bangor.                    2001
M. Litt.,                         Maritime Archaeology, St. Andrews University.                           1995
BA (Hons)                     History and Archaeology, University of Wales, Bangor.               1993

Professional Membership and Qualifications
M.I.F.A.                                    Member of the Institute of Field Archaeologist (2003, no.1733.)
            FSA Scot.,                    Fellow of Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (2002)
H.S.E.                          Pt III, Surface supplied diver
                                    First Aid at Work
ADC                             Inshore Diving Supervisor                                 
RYA/MCA                     Power Boat II, Diver Coxswain, Safety Boat, Inshore Survival Course

BSAC                           Advanced diver (CMAS 3 Star), Advanced Nitrox,
PADI                            Open Water Diver  
ScotSAC                      Third class diver.

Archaeological Career History
Nautical Archaeological Consultant
Director, Trendarc.                                                                     1995 - present
An independent nautical, marine and diving archaeological consultant. Current projects include the reconstruction of the late medieval Studland Bay Wreck and the Iron age Sicilian wreck from Gela. Current archaeological publications in print include; sole author contributions to Mary Rose Archaeological Publications Vol II “The Anatonmy of the Mary Rose” and Vol III “Habliments of War, the arm and armaments of the Mary Rose”, and for the ordnance society “The Stirling Castles Prince Rupert patent demi-cannon”.

Project Manager
Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology       November 2006- December 2007
As the project manager at the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology ( I lead business development for the Trusts commercial trading company MAl (Marine Archaeology Ltd) and directed commissioned research into internationally important marine archaeological sites around the UK. I managed research applications and research projects, programmed field work for professionals and volunteers; tendered for, programmed and directed commercial contracts; as well as consulted and liaised with clients, curatorial organisations and government agencies.

Key Developments: Successfully Registering MAl as an Archaeological Organisation with the IFA, principle member of “Chasing Freedom” Royal Navy Museum exhibition.
Key Achievements: Producing and having ratified the Nautical Archaeological Recording and Reconstruction Guidelines for the Institute of Field Archaeologists.

 University of Sussex                                                                 2001- December 2007
            I developed and delivered full modules (level 1, 2 and 3; 30 contact hours) on Maritime Archaeology as part of a degree course in Landscape Studies, and contributed to modules in Post Medieval Archaeology (level 2 and 3; 10 contact hours).

            Key Developments: Development of new course on maritime archaeology
Key Achievements: Duke of Edinburgh, Jubilee Trust Award, 2006 for University run project.

Senior Research Fellow,
Mary Rose Trust                                                                        March 2001 - October 2006
As the Senior Research Fellow and Archaeologist for the Mary Rose Trust I directed the Mary Rose Ship Recording programme for the archaeological publication. I also directed projects on the environmental collection, subject specific archive assessments, collections database enhancement, Direct Survey Method pilot project to re-contextulise the collection, and historical research to uncover new and important evidence about the Mary Rose, including its docking and docking procedure in Portsmouth. I was a licensed site archaeologist and diving supervisor for the Mary Rose 2002-2005 excavations.

Key Developments: Laser Scan of Mary Rose, Raising of the Bow, locating and transcribing new Historical documents, re-housing and cataloguing of environmental collection.
Key Achievements: PGCTHE, election to FSA Scot., MIFA.

Project Manager
Edison Mission Energy                                                               October 2000-March 2001
As project manager of the Electric Mountain Interpretative Centre boat display (16 to 18 century) project I managed all aspects of the building of a permanent exhibition based on the local collection of historic boats. This included creating a regional research agenda, exhibition concepts and production, time tabling, budget control, liaising on site and off site with contractors and report writing.

Key Developments: instigated North Wales dendrochronological sequence, permanent exhibition for local boats in North Wales, complete nautical archaeological reconstruction project.
            Key Achievements: Cumbrian Society Research Grant, Awarded Ph.D., PIFA.

Nautical Archaeology Society
North West Area Co-ordinator                                                     1998 – March 2001
As the UK North West area training and outreach co-ordinator I developed and delivered a range of archaeological training programmes within my region. I also co-ordinated and programmed training staff and volunteers with regional field work requirements and was editor for the NAS Newsletter.
Key Developments: Development of regional outreach programme, new national NAS syllabus, new format for NAS newsletter.
            Key Achievements: Elected onto Board of Directors of NAS, Joan Du Plat Taylor Award.

Other Work History (Full History provided on request)
Licensed Archaeologist by UK Government.                                 1996-present
I have been or am currently the licensee or nominated archaeologist for 6 of the UK internationally important Government protected wreck sites including: Mary Rose (16th Century), Royal Yacht Mary (17th century), and the Warship Anne (17th century). I have also lead research into the internationally important wrecks and was the licensed archaeologist for the Streadagh Strand Armada wrecks, Ireland, 1996 to 2001 and the Seripus.

Research Fellow University of Wales Bangor                               1998 to October 2000
As the project manager of the Llyn Peris boat reconstruction project I oversaw all aspects of the reconstruction from the practical hands-on rebuilding of the boat to budget control, sourcing materials/suppliers and report writing.

Archaeological Supervisor (Temporary) Wessex Archaeology        1997-1998
Diving archaeological supervisor for development lead archaeological project including,
                        1997 Stade Bay, Foreshore Long Sea Outfall,
                        1997 Sandown, Isle of Wight.
                        1998 Dover Long Sea Outfall
            1998 Associated British Ports, proposed container terminal at Dibden Bay, Southampton Water

Archaeologist/Project Director
I have acted as the project director for over 30 marine archaeological projects, including topographical surveys (on land and underwater), geophysical surveys, site excavations and assessments throughout the UK. The sites vary in date from the Mesolithic to WW II.

Archaeology, Diving and Heritage Tourism and Public service delivery
I have broad experience of archaeology in general and maritime/marine archaeology specifically; as well as Heritage Tourism and public service delivery and the management of commercial diving projects. My experience varies from;

  • working with, and directing licensees and divers on UK Government protected wreck sites,
  • Managing large and complex diving operations such as Portsmouth Harbour Pre- dredging Ground Truthing Project,
  • serving as the archaeological representative on the Government Health and Safety Executive Diving Industries Committee,
  • advising English Heritage, through the Institute of Field Archaeologists, on protecting sites of historical and archaeological significance,
  • delivering credible historical research and writing panels for Museum exhibitions, most recently “Chasing Freedom” for the Royal Naval Museum,
  • delivering credible archaeological research in a museum environment at the Mary Rose Trust,
  • delivering a full exhibition at Electric Mountain Visitor Centre, whilst working to ISO 2000 standards.

I have extensive experience of teaching and hold a Post Graduate Certificate (PGC) in Teaching in Higher Education. My experience ranges from lecturing at University postgraduate and undergraduate level, organizing university field trips and field schools, to teaching lay adult volunteers on Nautical Archaeology Society courses and children in Key Stage 1 and 3 Science workshops within a museum environment. I have also given talks on archaeological projects to lay audiences, from diving and yacht clubs to retirement homes and social clubs.

I have developed courses in Archaeology and Archaeological Method and Practice as well as contributed to Continued Professional Development in the work place. Courses developed and delivered include,

  • University of Sussex, modules at level 1,2 and 3 for a degree in Landscape Studies and Post Medieval Archaeology,
  • University of Highlands and Islands, validation of a Masters Degree in Archaeological Practice,              
  • University of Oxford Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Archaeology, module in Marine Archaeology.

I have lectured at;

  • Oxford University, UK
  • Bangor University, UK
  • Bournemouth University, UK
  • Portsmouth University, UK
  • Southampton University, UK
  • University of the Highlands and Islands, UK
  • Viking Ship Museum, Denmark
  • National Danish Museum, Denmark
  • North Carolina Maritime Museum, USA,
  • Royal Naval Museum, UK
  • Institute of Seamanship, UK
  • Society of Underwater Technology, UK
  • British Sub Aqua Club Instructors Conference, UK
  • numerous yachting and diving clubs. UK, Italy, Denmark, France and Sweden

I am currently on Bournemouth University’s Professional Panel for AH322 Applied Marine Archaeology. This unit aims to provide students with an understanding of, and practical experience in, the scientific application of skills required in a professional environment.

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